Pretty Hips And Thighs™ (P.H.A.T.)

Personal Training

Learn exercise routines, eating habits, and life style changes that EMPOWER you to be your best each and every day. Commit yourself to finding your inner fitness ‘flirtitude!’

Private Lessons

Interested in occasional classes? Schedule private lessons for yourself or host a fun flirty night with P.H.A.T. at your home, community center, or local venue. If you are not in the Richmond area, P.H.A.T. events can be booked in advance. Please contact us for more information!

Birth Companion (Doula) Services

Doulas are trained to “mother the mother and their family” during late pregnancy, labor/birth and postpartum. Doulas offers comfort measures and emotional support and knowledge that will help guide the mother-to-be through her sacred experience.